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talking about temptation!

I always thought that P would be the bigest test of all, since there’s always something different airing between us when we’re face to face. (Others may find it unbelievable. True, I can’t quite understand it either. It doesnt seem right. A social butterfly, well sort of, like me and a sharp, serious looking nerd like him. People cant seem to acknowledge his charm.) So I told myself to limit my time alone with him. When encountering temptation, running away is the thing to do; not to face it like a fool and try to fight it. I think I’ve done okay so far. However, lately, I found myself literally fancying having an affair with Mr. d. Cos his constant sincere sounding adulation kinda made me head over heels and I’ve always liked to be liked. Plus, we have A LOT in common which got us closer to each other. But then, they’re all really nothing comparing to what honey and I have.

and now I realized how it’s possible that you have one great thing in your hand and still wanna play with other not so great but seem to be fun stuffs. and it is important that i dont become the kinda person that I despise.



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